Custom Cabinets

It is far more economical to purchase standard cabinets when possible, but sometimes circumstances arise where custom cabinets are the better solution. Perhaps you have a funky need – like building a wine cabinet to fit in an old fireplace.  Or you have an idea for a new gas fireplace with surround and mantle. Whatever your needs, you’ll appreciate our craftsmanship and attention to details.

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Gas Fireplace with Surround and Mantel

Wine Cabinet
Wine Cabinet and Deep Recessed Ovens

Water Damage

Water does terrible things to building materials. Whether its caused by a sloppy contractor or just neglect over time, water damage can be expensive to fix. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be. The extent of the damage is not always completely apparent, but you can trust us to give you a fair estimate of the costs. As we proceed, we will always show you the extent of the damage and will work to narrow those costs. The below two jobs serve as an illustration of this type of project.

Cape Window Job

This customer had no idea the builder of the house installed all the windows incorrectly ten years ago until they asked us to replace the deck on the back of their house. The water had rotted through the sheathing and through some of the framing. While they lived there, we had to remove the entire side of the house, install proper framing, and reinstall all the windows – correctly.

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Deck Repairs

Most of the decks we see were built incorrectly. If the deck is not framed and flashed correctly, the water will eat into your house. And if it continues long enough, it can pose a structural issue and require replacing flooring inside the home.

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Structural Repairs

While we’ve seen new houses built with structural issues, more commonly it is a remodel gone bad. This customer bought a house where someone had previously added a loft and she wanted to expand it. The trouble was, when they added the loft, they cut the structural members holding the roof up. So we re-framed the loft area and gave her a more usable space for her lakefront home.

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