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Choosing a Contractor

We get many calls from people who are over halfway through a remodel project that has gone terribly wrong. Or even worse, water damage has started to invade their home a few years after a deck or roof install. Your home is likely your biggest asset, and your remodel is probably the biggest purchase...

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The Cost of Renovating

We recently came across a great article in the Boston Globe about renovation costs. While many factors can impact the amount of an estimate, if you looking to get a quick idea of a given project’s rough cost, this story might be worth a quick read. It basically tries to answer the question “wh...

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Looking to Remodel your Master Bath?

Have you been considering a bathroom remodel? You might want to do your research before you start. This great article by Consumer Reports on remodeling your master bathroom includes several great ideas for bath upgrades, and outlines common mistakes. Read the full article here: Bathroom Remodeling G...

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What is Your Renovation Worth?

How much value will your remodeling project add to your home? Some upgrades have a better return on investment than others. This website compiles national data on the subject and produces an annual report that is broken down into regions. So if you’d like to get a rough idea of the value of yo...

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