Our Three Ps

We provide people with quality through the three facets of a remodel project: Price, Process and Permanence.

Most people focus, understandably, on the cost of a remodel project. But it is just one aspect of your kitchen or bath project, and we might argue it is not the most important.

Five years from now, you probably won’t remember exactly what you spent on your remodel. What you might remember is that it took twice as long as you had hoped, or you were hit with many additional charges. Or you may be looking at crooked cabinets and a bad paint job every day that reminds you of the remodel.

We try to balance all three aspects. A fair price to be sure. But quality does take time, and we take the time to do it right and use the materials we would use in our own homes. Our process does not include disappearing from jobs for days at a time. Will there be days that it doesn’t look like much gets done? Probably. We may be waiting on a subcontractor who has his own schedule, or we may be waiting for joint compound to dry. But any of those delays will be communicated and/or very temporary. Most of all, we strive to make sure that what is permanent – whether it is a kitchen, bath, deck, etc. – is installed correctly and pleases you for years to come.